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Our Story

Universal Health Corporation was founded in May of 2012 by Dr. Alfonso Brochero. Throughout his years of experience in the medical profession, Dr. Brochero discovered a lack of cohesion between the nursing home administration and the providers that service the nursing home centers. Dr. Brochero’s goal was to create an environment where facility staff and providers work in unison to improve patient care. This is why Universal Health Corporation was founded. Universal Health’s first partnership was with Kendal at Lexington. A then two-star facility, but under the guidance of the Universal Health Kendal at Lexington quickly transformed into a community leader and 5-star center. With this success, additional nursing homes approached Universal Health with the desire to change their center for the betterment of their patients. As we continued to build momentum in changing the nursing home industry, our providers and team have become experts in this unique and rewarding field. From our board-certified providers and certifications through AMDA, we are the leaders in post-acute and long-term care environments. Our continued commitment to understand long term care has provided insight into the importance of nursing home operations and clinical care. After a decade of research and experience the Universal Health team has been able to bridge the gap between regulatory guidelines, patient outcomes, and center performance. If you dare to accept the challenge of improving patient outcomes and our long-term care industry, we want you to join us in this mission!


Be the Change You Wish to See in the World


Senior nurse showing brochure to caregiver

A Collaborative Approach

Our collaborative approach has helped to improve overall patient satisfaction, reduce hospital readmission rates, and improve overall nursing home qualities. With our profound knowledge of the industry, we help balance the needs of your patients, medical staff, and facility operations. We as providers understand the full picture, the importance of clinical outcomes and financial stewardship.

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed many of the vulnerabilities in our industry, including a lack of resources and funding, in a highly regulatory environment. We have responded by reinforcing our commitment to our underserved elderly population and the industry as a whole. We work side-by-side to improve outcomes for our centers and patients.

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