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Primary Care for Long-Term Care Centers

At Universal Health Corporation, our experienced and board-certified physicians offer primary care services to patients in long-term care facilities. By providing routine check-ups, treatment, early detection of illnesses , and pain management, our physicians can help reduce hospital readmissions and improve the overall health of your facility. Staying with a consistent physician helps cultivate trust and improves the continuity of care. Contact us today to learn more about how our team can better serve your facility.


What Makes Our Services Different?

At Universal Health Corporation, we have board-certified physicians to ensure your patients get the primary care they deserve… We specialize in the geriatric population and in their specific medical needs. The services we provide include:

Preventative Care

Routine check-ups are an essential part of ensuring your patients are healthy. We monitor and record the patients' medical history.


Our providers who specialize in Elder Care have the knowledge and skills to treat acute illnesses and injuries.

Specialist Referrals

We will recommend, connect, refer your patients to the appropriate specialist if it is beyond the scope of care we provide.

Health Management

Patients in long-term care facilities require special attention to help manage pain and illness. Our providers will work with your facility to provide treatments plans that work best for the patients.


The key to a healthy patient is providing them with the tools and education they need to make the right choices about their body and health. Our providers will help educate patients, families, and medical staff on best medical practices.

A Better Way to Serve

As a long-term care facility, you need a team of trained and experienced physicians that align with your values and goals. When you choose Universal Health Corporation’s primary care services, you can expect high-quality and reliable care for our partners and their patients in post-acute and long-term care facilities. Since 2012, we have been the area’s premier medical directorship provider. Learn more about how we can assist your facility by calling us today!

Contact Us Today to Learn More