Medical Directorships

Best-in-class collaborative solutions that go beyond patient care.

Our medical directorship services offer the highest quality care solutions for long term care and skilled nursing facilities. With the help of a medical director and a supporting team of experts and providers, we focus on providing a continuum of care services.

a medical director, staff and family surround a smiling elderly woman

Certified & Competent Providers

Our medical directors are clinically competent and have the experience to give recommendations that will help your long-term care or skilled nursing center achieve its goals.

Clinical Education

With our clinical education services, we can help your staff gain hands-on training and experience in a wide variety of treatment areas.

State Survey Support

We can offer support and guidance to your skilled nursing or long-term care facility as it prepares to undergo compliance evaluations.

Policy and Procedure Review

Our expert providers can review the policies and procedures at your facility and help your administration identify areas of strength and potential improvement.

Implementation of Solutions

Universal Health Corporation's team of board-certified physicians and experienced medical directors can ensure that your facility is utilizing the best possible care solutions in the industry.

Best-in-class collaborative solutions that go beyond patient care.

When it comes to improving clinical outcomes, having the expertise of a licensed, knowledgeable medical director can go a long way.

Universal Health Corporation’s medical directorship services offer comprehensive, collaborative solutions for skilled nursing and long-term care facilities. Backed by a supporting team of experts and up to date on all state and federal regulations, we’re focused on providing a wide range of care services to help improve your patient and clinical outcomes–but we take things even further.

By building and maintaining strategic partnerships with our facilities, Universal Health Corporation has the capacity to deeply investigate opportunities to improve operations and achieve facility goals. Our team of Board-certified physicians and medical directors have the knowledge and experience to review policies and procedures with center administration, give recommendations, and support and guide your staff through the state survey and compliance evaluation processes. If our experts identify areas of potential improvement in patient care, our clinical education services can provide hands-on, in-depth training to your staff. With our wealth of experience in the healthcare industry, you can be sure that your facility is implementing the best possible care practices.