Clinical Education

Get a physician's perspective.

Universal Health's clinical education services offer guidance to our partners from a physician or clinician's perspective. You'll gain access to clinical modules and in-house services that provide valuable, hands-on experience.

a doctor explains something to her medical staff

IV Training

Our team can help your staff learn the essentials of IV care, including proper patient preparation, IV insertion, and securing the IV line.

Tracheostomy Care Training

Receive in-house training on all aspects of tracheostomy care, including hygiene care techniques and learning to assess for complications.

Sepsis Training & Management

Our clinical modules can help your staff learn the root causes of sepsis, the importance of early detection and timely treatment, and the necessary skills to manage and prevent further infection.


We offer training in Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation (SBAR) to give your staff the tools they need to write comprehensive, accurate patient summaries.

Return to Hospital Training

Our expert providers can teach your team to properly handle a patient whose illness or injury may require further hospitalization.

Change of Condition Training

Learn how to recognize the signs of a change in a patient's physical or mental condition and get a physician's perspective on proper procedure.

Get a physician’s perspective.

Providing exceptional patient care begins with a proper clinical education. With the help of our clinical education services, your staff can receive the training needed to improve patient outcomes and achieve facility goals.

Our hands-on clinical modules are designed to guide and support your staff from a physician/clinician’s perspective. We recognize that staffing issues are a real concern in the industry–and that’s why our clinical education services are provided in house. Your team can gain hands-on, in-depth experience in IV care, tracheostomy care, sepsis management, SBAR, return to hospital training, change of condition training, and more while on the job.

Firsthand experience and training is just one aspect of Universal Health’s clinical education services. We also utilize root cause analysis data and data collection processes to help your facility identify trends, obstacles, and ways to improve. Our team can help implement performance plans that can help your facility increase patient satisfaction and remain proactive in this competitive industry.