Transitional Care

As a patient's health changes, so do their care needs.

Universal Health's high-quality transitional care services work to prevent poor outcomes during patient transitions. Whether a patient is transitioning from one healthcare setting to another or returning home after a treatment or hospitalization, we offer exceptional care to make the process smoother and safer.

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Wellness Checks & Treatment

From frequent check-ups and wound evaluations to lab work and testing, we're equipped to assist your facility achieve the best possible patient care.

Consistent Monitoring

Monitoring patients for new onset illnesses, behavioral changes, and other health concerns is essential to providing exceptional transitional care.

In-Person & Telemedicine Options

Whether patients want to receive in-person or tele-health treatment, Universal Health Corporation can ensure that their needs are met.

Medication Management & Reconciliation

Our team of experts can help your staff manage medication and perform medical reconciliation to prevent medication errors.

Education & Support

We provide educational services and support to patients and caregivers to assure that all parties are aware of a patient's condition, status, and treatment timeline.

Specialty Referrals

For treatment needs that are beyond our scope of care, we offer specialty referrals to physicians and other providers in our vast healthcare network.

As a patient’s health changes, so do their care needs.

Universal Health is dedicated to providing the best possible care and support to all patients–including those who are transitioning between care settings or returning home after hospitalization.

Our team of expert providers is equipped to assist your facility with a wide range of transitional care services, both in-person and via telehealth platforms. From frequent wellness checks, wound evaluations and treatment, and lab work to patient monitoring and condition change assessment, we can help your staff ensure that all patients have easy access to the support that they need to return to health which, as a result, can help your facility reduce hospital readmissions.

In addition to consistent check-ups, follow-ups, and treatment services, our team can also help your staff with medication management and reconciliation services to prevent medication errors such as omissions, duplications, or drug interactions.

Our idea of quality transitional care includes committed efforts to patient and caregiver education and support. To that end, our comprehensive education and support services can help patients and family members fully understand a patient’s condition, status, and timeline for recovery.

After more than a decade in the healthcare industry, our network has grown exponentially, from community partnerships with local hospitals to lasting relationships with providers. For treatment needs that may be beyond our scope of care, we offer specialty referrals, outpatient recommendations, and more to help patients successfully transition from one healthcare setting to the next.