Post Acute Long-Term Care (PALTC)

Exceptional care that supports patient rehabilitation.

Universal Health's post acute long-term care (PALTC) services offer skilled treatment and care to patients that are rehabilitating from hospitalization. Whether patients are recovering from a surgery, an injury, or an illness, our providers can help provide the best possible level of care.

young female nurse walks arm in arm with senior citizen

Onsite Monitoring & Treatment

Our providers are equipped to help with routine check-ups, follow-ups, and onsite treatment of acute illnesses and injuries.

Focus on High-Risk Patients

We are committed to providing the best possible care, especially to patients who may be at a higher risk for further illness or injury.

Antibiotic & Medication Management

Universal Health can help your facility ensure that antibiotics and medications are being prescribed and used appropriately and effectively.

Patient & Caregiver Education

We provide patient, staff, and family education as well as hands-on clinical education services for facility staff.

Treatment Plan Assistance

Our team can assist with treatment plan assistance and development, ensuring that all important parties are involved in the care plan process.

Vast Healthcare Network

From specialty referrals to outpatient care, our wealth of experience in the healthcare industry can give your patients access to phenomenal care.

Prioritize patient care.

Universal Health is committed, both to exceptional patient care and the facilities we work with.

Our team of passionate, knowledgeable providers, 90% of whom come from the Long-Term Care (LTC) industry, have the training and expertise to deliver the best possible level of care to your patients. Universal Health’s PALTC services, which include routine check-ups, consistent follow-ups, and onsite treatment of acute injury or illness, can help your facility reduce return to hospital rates and can give your patients and their families peace of mind. When it comes to high-risk patients, our providers have the skills to assess any changes in condition or other issues that may arise.

We also have a dedicated focus on improving quality care measures in the facilities we work with. In addition to reducing re-hospitalization rates, our services are designed to help facilities reduce polypharmacy and lower the frequency of improper medication usage. With antibiotic stewardships and medication management assistance, our team can give your staff more time to treat and care for patients.

Phenomenal patient care is our focus–and that includes patient, family, and staff education. Our team can help your facility ensure that patients and their families fully understand the patient’s condition, status, and timeline, and our clinical education services can provide your staff with essential hands-on training and guidance. We also offer treatment plan assistance and development, and it’s important to us that all important parties are involved in the care plan process.

After more than a decade in the healthcare industry, our network has grown exponentially. from community partnerships with local hospitals to lasting relationships with providers. For treatment needs that may be beyond our scope of care, we offer specialty referrals, outpatient recommendations, and more.