Welcome to Universal Health

Uplifting music plays.

Scenery: Someone wheels a person in a wheelchair down a dark hallway.

Joseph Park: If you think about the mission of Universal Health, 

Scenery: A man walks down a hallway. At the end of the hall, two women stand before a large window overlooking trees and greenery. They are having a conversation.

Joseph Park: we want to become the gold standard for

Scenery: Older woman in a cardigan rests her hands atop a wooden cane.

Joseph Park: long-term care, post-acute care, 

Scenery: Blonde woman in dark blue scrubs talks to older man with glasses.

Joseph Park: and you can’t do that with just one nursing facility and 120 patients. 

Scenery: Man with a shaved head and a checkered button down shirt sits in front of a window and addresses the camera. On screen text reads: Joseph Park, Vice President, Universal Health.

Joseph Park: You have to impact more lives. So, we knew in order for us to raise the bar, raise the standard at which healthcare was being provided to long-term care, 

Scenery: Man in light blue scrubs helps older man in glasses use a walker and a wheelchair.

Joseph Park: we need to get more facilities on board. It wasn’t about growth, it was finding more people to join us in the mission.

Scenery: Woman in blue scrubs holds the hands of older man in a tan button-down who is sitting in a wheelchair.

Whitney Hodge: Universal really builds that cohesive unit. 

Scenery: Bearded man in pale blue scrubs smiles at the camera. Brown haired woman in light blue scrubs smiles at the camera. Another woman in blue scrubs smiles at the camera.

Whitney Hodge: We bring in different personalities, different walks of life,

Scenery: Blonde woman in black blazer addresses the camera. On screen text reads: Whitney Hodge, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Universal Health.

Whitney Hodge: and, as long as you can be your true, genuine self, they have a place for that here.

Scenery: Blonde woman in blue scrubs and brown sweater talks with older blonde woman in a blue shirt. 

Erik Buckley: I’ve had the opportunity to work with UHC for

Scenery: Man with a beard in blue scrubs writes on a clipboard.

Erik Buckley: almost three years now. It’s been

Scenery: Woman in blue scrubs uses a blood pressure cuff on an older man in a gray shirt.

Erik Buckley: a very good partnership. They’re always there,

Scenery: A man with brown hair and white scruff in a blue plaid blazer addresses someone off camera. On screen text reads: Erik Buckley, Regional Director of Operations.

Erik Buckley: I can call them at 2 o’clock in the morning and they’ll always answer the phone call. And they’re always available, um, always willing to help.

Scenery: Woman with pink hair in a white coat and floral top addresses the camera. On screen text reads: Amanda Crews, Nurse Practitioner, Universal Health.

Amanda Crews: Universal Health has nurse practitioners or PAs or providers at every facility that they’re in. Being present in that facility,day after day, Monday through Friday, is a better way to care.

Scenery: Blonde woman helps older man with glasses and a mustache walk.

Kyle Swim: I would say that Universal Health has helped our center serve the community. I’ve seen stronger clinical results in our partnership with Universal Health

Scenery: Older man in a wheelchair and older woman with glasses sit outside and laugh with a healthcare worker in blue scrubs.

Kyle Swim: than before. And from a business standpoint, it’s also helped us

Scenery: Bearded man in a bright green Masters quarter zip addresses the camera. On screen text reads: Kyle Swim, Nursing Home Administrator.

Kyle Swim: it’s also helped us grow census and helped the community because these folks have a place to go after the hospital.

Scenery: Red-haired woman in pink scrubs leads a discussion group, talks with a woman in an olive green shirt.

Jennifer Pressman: We have a lot of patients that have experienced months or years of decline in their health, and the families have not been that involved. 

Scenery: Curly-haired woman addresses the camera. On screen text reads: Jennifer Pressman, Nursing Home Administrator.

Jennifer Pressman: The staff at Universal Health have been amazing in those occurrences, meeting with the families multiple times to make sure they have a very good understanding, clinically,

Scenery: Woman with red braided hair in blue scrubs talks to dark haired woman in denim shirt and pants. 

Jennifer Pressman: what is going on with their loved one.

Joseph Park: I remember a patient coming in,

Scenery: Joseph Park addresses the camera.

Joseph Park: motor vehicle accident trauma. They really couldn’t even walk.

Scenery: Woman in blue scrubs and stethoscope uses a computer.

Joseph Park: We knew that this was going to take a full commitment from everyone involved,

Scenery: Group of doctors and nurses stand and discuss a file folder.

Joseph Park: the nursing team that’s in the facility, our provider group. I remember a long, 75+ day journey 

Scenery: Joseph Park addresses the camera.

Joseph Park: for that person, and seeing them walk out of the doors of the facility to go home, saying ‘thank you so much’, thanking us, thanking the facility.

Scenery: Two people holding hands.

Joseph Park: That’s what you do it for, right? That’s the story you do it for,

Scenery: Universal Health logo appears on a white screen. On screen text reads: Universal Health. 

Music ends.