U Health’s Coordination of Care Transcript

U Health’s Coordination of Care Transcript

Ambient music plays.

Scenery: Universal Health Corporation logo fades in on a white background and quickly fades out. A blonde woman in a navy blue dress and a man in a white lab coat stand in front of a black fence surrounded by greenery.

On screen text: Shelley Basinger

Shelley Basinger: I’m joined now by Dr. Brochero from Universal Health. Doctor, how do you, as a doctor, help patients in an in-patient rehab facility or long-term care facility?

On screen text: Dr. Alfonso Brochero

Dr. Alfonso Brochero: That’s a very important question. There are many ways in which physicians help, not only as a direct care provider, but as a coordination of care. We manage many disciplines, including physical therapy, rehab, labs, imaging, nursing…all these…integration of services will help you achieve the goals that you have set before us.

Shelley Basinger: And sometimes people get caught up in thinking about the amenities that a facility might offer, but you really need to be thinking about the medical team that will be taking care of you.

Dr. Alfonso Brochero: Absolutely, absolutely. One of the most important questions is: who is going to help me achieve the goals that I set for my team? The amenities are great and important, but the most important question is: who is the team that is going to help me.

Shelley Basinger: Great options to consider. Thanks for joining us.

Scenery: Universal Health Corporation logo appears on a white background. On screen text: UHCVirginia.com, (540) 769-3964.