Universal Health Corporation: What We Do Video

Uplifting xylophone music plays.

Scenery: A cartoon man in a wheelchair and a woman in scrubs are pictured outside of a large yellow building on a sprawling lawn.

Narrator: At Universal Health, our expert medical providers are committed to providing excellent services to skilled and long-term care facilities. Our mission is to provide patients with the best possible care while providing nursing facilities with positive results.

Scenery: Cartoon handshake.

We become part of your team and actively guide you towards better care within your facility. Our process starts with patient wellness, from medication management and care coordination to patient advocacy. We provide you with a team of experts that are experienced in long-term care, skilled nursing, rehabilitation services, and crisis prevention. 

We specialize in consistent and reliable on-site medical coverage by physicians and nurse practitioners, patient follow-up, and support for your center with expert industry knowledge. 

Our goal is improved clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and performance in your nursing center. That’s why we also help you with the logistics of your facility as well. 

We provide benefits such as: a commitment to reduce hospital readmissions and emergency department usage, reduction of late and missing documentation, the ability to integrate seamlessly with your electronic medical records, tailored training for your nursing team and staff, frequent visits to your patients, local and committed on call staff, and communication with surrounding communities and hospitals. 

If you need a physician and provider team that truly cares about your nursing center, your staff, and your patients, please visit us online or contact us today. 

Music ends.